There are never too many cooks in our kitchen

We're a mission-driven company committed to sustainable food and agriculture in New England and New York, and we’re building a diverse team that shares our passion. If you are inspired by ambitious missions and working hard to support borrowers and depositors, we want to talk!

Take a look at the roles listed below. Nothing seem like a fit? Send us your resume and an introduction at We'd love to meet you!

Available Roles

Commercial Lender
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General Interest
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Contract-based projects

From time-to-time, we're also looking for help on a contract basis. Take a look at the listings below and let us know if you think you might be a fit.

Development of Social & Environmental Impact Measurement Tool
February 13, 2024
Calling all:
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Why Concord, New Hampshire?

You may not be from Concord — and prior to joining, much of our team wasn't either. We're intentionally trying to build a place-based institution that's committed to investing in our direct community. We think it's important for our staff to be steeped in the culture of the places we serve, and — like mutuals — this area has a longtime commitment to direct democracy in the form of town meeting governance. In fact, New Hampshire has the third largest legislative body in the world (400 representatives, each with just over 3,000 constituents) located just down the street from us. Plus, Concord is a gem! It has everything you need: craft coffee, good food, and lots of green space...all just a drive away from the White Mountains, Maine coast, Boston city center, and more.