Owned by
- and built for -
our community.

Grow your Change

Our mission: To enable anyone to make positive and lasting change to our local food ecosystem.

Our primary tools are:

  • Capital and financial services, because of their capacity to drive change at the systemic level
  • Our mutual (or cooperative) governance model, which holds us accountable to our long-term commitments
  • Our role as a connective bridge between the ecosystem's many participants.

Our values — stewardship, bridge building, and simplicity - guide everything we do, starting with our relationships with each other and emanating outwards. Systemic shifts like the ones we hope inspire start locally, with individual relationships and communities.

A watercolor depiction of the front of Walden Mutual's bank branch in Concord, NH, shown from the perspective of someone standing on the street looking at the front of the building.

We may be an online bank
but we do a few things differently.

A black and white charcoal illustration of a wood crate, shown at an angle from the side, filled with food goods.


We’re putting our money where our mouth is. We believe a strong food system creates a thriving economy, environment, and culture.

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A black and white charcoal illustration of a metal bucket with a handle shown in profile.


As a mutual, we’re owned by our community. So there’s no confusion about who we work for. You can join that community just by opening an account.

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A 2 dimensional charcoal illustration of a lobster and two lemon slices shown from above.


Place is important, and we're committed to making an impact in New England & New York, across the entire food and agriculture ecosystem.

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Your Team*


We're Hiring!

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If you're passionate about our mission and excited by big challenges, we'd love to talk.

* As a mutual, we report to our account holders. So it’s as much your team as it is ours.