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Frequently Asked Questions

For personal accounts


Contacting us

What's the best way to get in touch?

Our phone number is (603) 227-6801. We're available 8AM-4PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday (except federal holidays).

We're also available via email: partners@waldenmutual.com.

We recommend using the secure Message Center in online banking and our mobile app to discuss any account details.

Send any mail to us at:
Walden Mutual Bank
66 N. Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

To activate your debit card, call (800) 992-3808. To report it lost or stolen, call (800) 472-3272.

Can I visit in-person?

As an online bank, an in-person visit is never required. We do have a physical office in Concord, NH, and are happy to offer appointments Monday through Friday 9AM-3PM (Eastern Time). Click here to schedule an appointment.

Information on our accounts

What kind of account is a grow local account?

Our Grow Local account is a great home for your savings, earning competitive interest while driving positive and lasting impact. It also includes a series of additional features to make your life easier - like bill pay, an optional debit card, and available checks.

Are there Minimum Balances on grow local accounts?

Our Grow Local accounts have a minimum initial deposit of $100, and have a minimum daily balance of $0.01.

Are there fees on your accounts?

Our Grow Local accounts don't include any monthly maintenance fees. For a full inventory of our account fees and charges, visit our Account Charges page.

What is a "local Impact Certificate of deposit" (CD)?

Our Local Impact CDs pay competitive rates of interest in return for longer commitments. We offer a range of terms, from 3 months to 100 years. Longer commitments allow us to provide more creative financing solutions to the organizations we support.  

Opening an account

Can I apply if I'm not a farmer? What if I don't live in New Hampshire?

You do not have to be a farmer to have an account at Walden Mutual and you don’t have to live in New Hampshire. We use your deposits to fund loans to farms, food businesses, and other mission-driven organizations in our region.  

How long does the application process take?

Applying takes 5 minutes or less. Click "Sign Up" at the top and choose "Personal". Walden staff will review and respond (via phone or email) within 1-2 business days.

Other notes to remember while applying: Please be sure to enter your legal name and legal residential address. Feel free to enter a preferred mailing address, if needed. You'll have a chance to enter a joint account holder during the application.

Why might my application be declined?

If we were unable to approve your application, you will receive an Adverse Action Notice via email. The notice will include an explanation for the decision. For more information, contact us at (603) 227-6801. For security reasons, we cannot discuss application details via email.

What about business accounts?

Click “Sign Up” at the top of any page and choose “Organization”. Walden staff will review and respond (via phone or email) within 5 business days.

Can i open a second grow local account?

You can! No need to apply again; just give us a call at (603) 227-6801. For joint accounts, both applicants will need to call (together or separately).

How do i open a local impact CD?

You'll first deposit at least $1,000 (the minimum initial deposit to open a CD) into your Grow Local account. You'll then submit a CD request (under "Accounts" > "Open a CD" within online banking or our mobile app) that includes the amount and term. We'll then transfer the requested amount from your Grow Local account to open your Local Impact CD. You'll receive a receipt in the Message Center.

Notes: Rates are subject to change daily and are always current on our website.

Once opened, you cannot make changes to the CD (ex. add/withdraw funds, change the term) until maturity. The interest will compound daily and be deposited into the account monthly. The penalties for closing the account before the maturity date are available on the Account Charges page.


CDs are set to auto-renew at the same term at that day's rate, however you have a 10-day grace period after the maturity date to make a change. Prior to its maturity, you will get a notice in the mail with your options, in the event that you don’t want your CD to auto-renew.  You can submit changes to your CD through our app or online banking by submitting an Account Service Request ("Communications" > "Account Service Request" > "CDs" > "CD Maturity Change").


Minors are welcome to open Grow Local accounts, as long as they apply jointly with an adult. Call us at (603) 227-6801 or send a message in Message Center, and provide the minor’s information (name, SSN, birthday, address, phone, email) to start the process. We will need a photo of their Social Security card to verify their SSN which you can send securely in Message Center.

Our Interest Rates

What are your rates?

The interest rates are subject to change daily, but you can always find our current interest rates on our website. Interest compounds daily and is deposited into your Grow Local account on the 15th of each month or the last day of the month for Local Impact CDs. Keep in mind that the daily interest rate is lower than the Annual Percentage Yield (APY), as the APY considers the interest compounding daily over the course of an entire year. You can always see your account's rate in online banking and our mobile app by selecting the account and viewing "Account Details".

How do the interest rate tiers on grow local accounts work?

We offer a tiered interest rate as an incentive to our partners to consolidate more of their savings with us, helping us maximize our impact on the local food ecosystem. Our mission is to enable anyone to make positive and lasting change – not just high net worth individuals – hence a maximum on the higher rate. The interest rate is determined by your account balance each day:  

If your account is below $10,000 one day, it earns the base APY. If it’s $10,000 or more (but under $100,000) the next day, it will earn the higher rate.

Note: The relevant rate is determined by the daily balance on each Grow Local account, and not aggregate balances across multiple accounts.

Our Debit Cards

When will my debit card arrive?

If you requested a debit card, they take about two weeks to arrive and will be sent to the address on your account. If it has yet to arrive after two weeks, or if you are unsure if you requested one, give us a call at (603) 227-6801 or send a message in Message Center. To request a debit card, submit an Account Service Request in our app or online banking ("Communications" > "Account Service Request" > "Account Maintenance" > "Order Debit Card"). Note that only signers on the account can be issued a debit card.

How do I activate my debit card?

Call (800) 992-3808 to activate and set your PIN.

It’s an automated system and you will need to provide this information: the card number, the 3-digit security code on the card, your SSN, and the telephone number associated with your account at Walden.

Note: If you are a joint account holder, use your SSN and phone number, not the primary account holder’s. You may be transferred to a person to verify your identity. If this happens, call (800) 992-3808 again to set your PIN.  

If you run into any issues activating your card, it could be that you waited too long, tried too many times, or that something is incorrect with your information. Give us a call at (603) 227-6801 to troubleshoot.

How do I withdraw cash?

You can go to any ATM to withdraw cash. We reimburse up to $15 per month in ATM fees (domestic or foreign). Reimbursements are issued as statement credits on the 15th of each month.

What are my debit card limits?

For security reasons, your debit card has transaction limits. Transactions may be declined if your limits are exceeded. Limits are for a 24-hour rolling period (not a calendar day).

For ATM withdrawals: $510 total
For point of sale purchases: $2500 or 20 transactions  

If you'd like to request a temporary limit increase, submit an Account Service Request in our app or online banking ("Communications" > "Account Service Request" > "Limit Change" > "Limit Change - Debit Card Purchases" or "Limit Change - ATM Cash Withdrawal").

Can I use my debit card internationally?

Yes! Walden does not charge international transaction fees. You will be reimbursed for ATM fees incurred as part of our $15/month ATM fee reimbursement.  

If you don’t want to receive text/calls to verify your purchases while traveling, call us at (603) 227-6801 or send a message in Message Center so we can set a travel exception for your card.

I've lost my card. What should i do?

First, please call (800) 472-3272 to immediately lock your card.

Second: Check your account activity to be sure there are no transactions you don’t recognize (click “Don’t recognize this transaction?” if you do see any suspicious charges).

Third, call us to request a new card. View the fees associated with replacement cards on our Account Charges page.

Using online banking & our mobile app

How do i access my account?

When your application is approved, you're sent two emails: one with instructions for logging in (including your username), and one with a temporary password which is valid for 24 hours. To log in, go to waldenmutual.com and click “My Account” in the top right. If you forgot your password or the temporary password has expired, click “Forgot Password” to generate a new temporary password.  

If you are a joint account holder, click “Register” on the login screen referenced above to set up account access.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! Walden Mutual Mobile Banking is available for iOS and Android. Login with the same username and password you use to access online banking.

Checks, Transfers, & Bill pay

How do I move money into my grow local account?

Here are five easy options for moving money into your account:

  1. Initiate a transfer out from another bank, using our routing number (011402121) and your Grow Local account number.
  2. Link an external account within online bank or our mobile app ("Money Movement" > "Transfers" > "Add Account") and initiate a transfer in.
  3. Deposit a check using your device camera and our mobile app ("Check Deposit").
  4. Initiate a wire transfer from another bank to Walden. View instructions here.
  5. Mail a check to Walden Mutual Bank, 66 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301. Make it out to yourself, and write "for deposit only" on the back with your Grow Local account number, but don't sign the back.

When will the funds from my deposited check be available?

The first $225 is available same-day, and the remaining balance will have a 2-business day hold. For checks totaling over $5,525 there will be a 5-business day hold on the amount over $225. The daily cut-off for check processing is 3PM Eastern Time; checks deposited after the cut-off will be processed the following business day.

What are check deposit limits?

You can deposit up to $10,000 per calendar day. If you need to deposit more than $10,000 in a day, submit an Account Service Request in our app or online banking ("Communications" > "Account Service Request" > "Limit Change" > "Limit Change - Mobile Check Deposit").

How do I deposit a check made out to multiple people?

If a check is made out to two people, both must be signers on the Grow Local account. If the check says “or” between the two names, only one account holder needs to endorse on the back. If it says “and”, both account holders must endorse.

How do I know if my mobile deposit went through?

If you receive an email confirming the deposit, your check was successfully received. The deposited check will appear in your transaction history the next business day.

What is bill pay and How do I access it?

Bill Pay is an alternate way of making payments within online banking and our mobile app, including single or recurring transfers to individuals or businesses.

Some commonly-used payees (i.e. utility providers, credit card issuers) will be enabled for electronic payments. For others, you'll provide payment information and the payee will receive a paper check in the mail. An estimated delivery date is provided for all payments.

The account you are paying from must have available funds equal to (or greater than) the payment amount on the date the payment is delivered, or the payment may not be completed.

To access in online banking: "Money Movement" > "Bill Pay"
In our mobile app: "More" > "Money Movement" > "Bill Pay"

Can I wire money to someone same day?

Yes. The daily cut-off time for outgoing wire transfers is 2PM Eastern Time. The completed wire request form must be received by the cut-off time to be processed by the close of business. Call us at (603) 227-6801 as early as possible to ensure adequate time for processing. Relevant fees apply.

Do you offer Zelle?

We don't offer Zelle. However, you can send and receive payments via Zelle's mobile app by linking your Walden Mutual debit card. You can also link your Grow Local account and debit card to other P2P apps like Cash App and Venmo.

How do I order Checks?

Submit an Account Service Request in our app or online banking ("Communications" > "Account Service Request" > "Checks" > "Order Personal Checks").  

Note: Grow Local Business accounts have a separate process for check ordering and receive alternate instructions when the account is opened.

Account Security

How can I play my part in keeping my account secure?

I got a call asking to confirm account activity. Is it legitimate?

We may call you to confirm account activity. Save our number - (603) 227-6801 - as a contact in your phone so you know it’s us.

We also may call, text or email if there is suspicious activity on your debit card. If you receive a “Fraud Protection Alert” from the Walden Mutual Fraud Prevention Center, please call the number provided - (833) 735-1894.

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