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A bank* for 
everyone who
 local food.

Grow Your Change

Earn interest on your savings, while driving impact here in New England and New York.

* Our application for FDIC insurance and the first new mutual banking charter here in 100 years is currently pending.  Check back here soon for updates on our progress!

For Individuals

FDIC-insured* bank accounts that yield interest while supporting New England and New York’s local food economy.

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For Businesses

Customized loans for local food, agriculture, and other innovators pursuing a healthier and more sustainable community.

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We're actively foraging for qualified candidates. If you're passionate about working with people making impact across the food ecosystem... and dreaming of a workplace where ice cream sampling and maple syrup tasting is commonplace, check out our Careers page to see our current openings.

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A mutual bank doesn't have shareholders. Instead, we work for you: our partner depositors. Our mission is to promote sustained holistic wellness by providing lasting value—financial and social—to you. We do this through interest, dividends and by growing our social & environmental impact in the communities we serve.