Account Charges & Fees


Simplicity is one of our core values, and as such, we're working hard to design products and experiences that are easy-to-use and intentionally uncomplicated. Since we're building a bank from scratch, we're committed to an iterative process - trying innovative new models, evaluating the results, and revising. Fees and account charges are subject to that approach. Below find our current set of account charges and fees. Have thoughts on what you see? Send us a note at We'd love to hear from you.

Unless otherwise noted, charges and fees apply to all products for both individuals and businesses.

The Big Stuff

Description Amount
Minimum Monthly Balance - Grow Local and Grow Local Business Accounts $0.01
Monthly Maintenance Fees $0
ATM Fees
(We'll reimburse up to $15 in charges assessed by ATM providers each monthly statement cycle per account)

Other Items

Description Amount
Minimum Initial Deposit - Grow Local and Grow Local Business Accounts $100
Minimum Initial Deposit and Daily Balance - All CDs $1,000
Stop Payments (Check and ACH) $30
Return Deposited Item
(Ex. You're the recipient of a bad check, which you attempt to deposit - and the check bounces)
Nonsufficient and Uncollected Funds Fees
(Ex. You try to pay a monthly bill with a bank transfer, but there's not enough money in your account)
Paper Copy of a Statement $1
Card Replacement for Lost or Stolen - Metal Cards (Individuals Only) $50
Card Replacement for Lost or Stolen - Plastic Cards $5
Additional Employee Business Debit Cards

First four cards are free!
Incoming Domestic Wire $0
Incoming International Wire $25
Outgoing Domestic Wire $25
Outgoing International Wire $25
Research Fee $50/Hour
CD Early Withdrawal Penalty - 1 Year 6 months interest
CD Early Withdrawal Penalty - 3 Year 9 months interest
CD Early Withdrawal Penalty - 5 Year 12 months interest
CD Early Withdrawal Penalty - 10 Year 24 months interest
CD early withdrawal penalties may apply to both accrued interest and principal, if necessary.

At maturity, CDs are automatically rolled over into a new CD of equivalent maturity, unless the account holder elects to withdraw their funds. The account holder's election must occur during the "grace period" - which is defined as the ten calendar days immediately following the maturity date.