Non-Profits & Community Organizations

A Community Supported Bank (CSB)

Just as CSAs (community supported agriculture) revolutionized small scale agriculture, we're pioneering CSBs. We're a community rooted in values, committed to the place we live, and focused on building for the common good.

Expanding your impact?
Branching out to serve a new community?

Whether it's capital for a new facility, equipment financing, working capital or refinancing existing debt, we've got loan products designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of our region's non-profits and community organizations.

Knowing that a more sustainable and just food system requires the support of many adjacent businesses, we support cooperatives, non-profits, and community organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it's capital for land acquisition, equipment financing, working capital or refinancing existing debt, we've got loan products designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of our region's producers.

Sustainable banking

A Lender with a Purpose

As a Pending B Corp and cooperatively governed mutual, our mission is our single reason for being.

We utilize a proprietary impact evaluation - the Walden Impact Assessment - to facilitate conversations about social and environmental responsibility with our borrowers.

And after loans are funded and closed, we're committed to providing the resources borrowers need to make progress on their impact journey - including covering the first $500 of fees associated with pursuing a sustainability-related certification1.


Connect with the Leaders of Our Region’s Non-Profits

A black and white photo of board member Anthony Poore, a man in a collared shirt and jacket, smiling and wearing glasses.

Board Member

Anthony Poore

Anthony is a consultant, academic, and executive with extensive experience at the intersection of the public and private sectors. He's overseen community outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, been Executive Director at New Hampshire Humanities, and served on the board of institutions like the NH Housing Finance Authority, Currier Museum of Art, and the NH Community Loan Fund. In 2022, he opened the NH Center for Justice & Equity as its founding President & CEO.

Talk to Anthony about
Economic Development
A black and white photo of corporator Eileen Groll Liponis, a woman with glasses and hair worn down.


Eileen Liponis

Eileen is the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Food Bank, and previously served as the executive director of the New Hampshire Public Charter School Association. Before entering the non-profit sector, she developed deep expertise in growing early-stage venture-backed start-ups.

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Legislative advocacy
A black and white photo of corporator Clara Miller, a woman with light hair wearing a dark jacket.


Clara Miller

Clara is the President Emerita of the F.B. Heron Foundation, and sits on the University of New Hampshire's Sustainability Advisory Committee. She was the founder, president, and CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund. She also sat on the board of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), chaired the US Treasury's Community Development Advisory Board, and was named to Nonprofit Times' "Power and Influence Top 50" seven times. She's a native of New Hampshire, and current resident of the Hudson Valley of New York.

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Sustainable Finance
Impact Investing

Better, Not More Expensive

Interest rates that are competitive with other industry lenders—including community banks, larger national financial institutions, and new alternative lenders.

Check out illustrative rates here.

Access to Motivated Potential Donors

Our community of depositors represent a large values-aligned population of potential donors - ready to be activated.

A charcoal illustration of a pencil

Loans Designed for You

Loans that are specially tailored to fit the needs of each individual borrower.

A black and white watercolor illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone, displaying the home screen of the Walden Mutual mobile app.

Easy-to-Use Digital Tools

Modern mobile and online banking and borrowing tools.

All loans are issued by Walden Mutual Bank, member FDIC. Loan eligibility is not guaranteed. All loans are subject to credit review and approval. Interest rates are subject to change.

1. Terms & conditions apply. See full detail here.

FDIC-insured business checking...without the surprise fees1

Our Grow Local Business checking account is feature-rich - with digital check deposit,2 exports to Quickbooks, and employee account permissions - but without monthly fees, minimum balances, ATM fees, or other surprise charges.3

And we have Local Impact Business certificates of deposit (CDs), which offer competitive rates of return over longer periods of time.

Need new or used equipment to jumpstart your business? Searching for a working capital line to smooth operations? Something else? We’re ready to talk.


A Sustainable Bank with a Purpose

Finally feel good about where your money sleeps at night. As a Pending B Corp and cooperatively governed mutual, our mission is our single reason for being.

Better, Not More Expensive

An illustration of a snowy log cabin against a backdrop of snow covered trees.
No minimum balances, no monthly fees, and no surprise charges. Straightforward and simple.

Plus free ATM access anywhere. We'll reimburse up to $15 per month per account in fees assessed by ATM providers.3

Features for Growth

An illustration of a mobile phone, displaying the external transfer screen from the Walden Mutual mobile app.
move money seamlessly
Link your existing bank accounts just by logging in, and transfers funds (via ACH) for free.
Download your account history for upload into QuickBooks or Excel with only a few clicks.
a black and white illustration of a desktop monitor displaying the export to Excel screen from business online banking.
An illustration of a mobile phone, displaying the mobile check deposit screen of the Walden Mutual mobile app.
Deposit checks on-the-go
Use your phone camera to deposit checks in seconds while you're on the go.2

Other Bells & Whistles

An image of the Walden Mutual Partner Business Card, featuring a topographic map of Walden Pond in black, the cardholder name (Ralph W. Emerson), and the Visa logo.

Pay securely with our Walden Mutual Partner Business Card.4 Tap, dip, or swipe - and control your card on the move through our app.

An illustration of a skeleton key.
employee access

Set-up sub-user accounts for your bookkeeper or employees, and issue debit cards to up to four cardholders for free.


FDIC insurance on all balances up to $250,000, industry-grade data encryption, and multi-factor authentication. Take comfort knowing your money is safe.

Local Impact BUSINESS CDs

Invest directly in the renaissance of our region's local food ecosystem

Our Local Impact Business CDs offer competitive rates of return, in exchange for an extended commitment to our mission.

Need new or used equipment to jumpstart your business? Searching for a working capital line to smooth operations? Something else? We’re ready to talk.

Term Interest Rate
1 Year 2.25%
3 Year 3%
5 Year 3.5%
10 Year 4.5%
  • Only $1,000 minimum initial deposit (and minimum daily balance)
  • 10-year CD: Unique opportunity to support long-term investment in food systems change
  • Use the same digital tools to monitor your CDs on the go
  • When your CD matures, the funds automatically roll into another CD of the same term - or transfer your money into another Walden Mutual account.

1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Insurance coverage limited to $250,000.
2. Desktop check deposit also available, but requires purchase of a compatible scanner, and free enrollment and configuration of the service. Send us a note if you're interested!
3. Account charges are listed here.
4. Walden Mutual Partner Business Card is a Visa® Debit Card, and will be issued by Walden Mutual Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Estimated initial delivery is November 2022.