Summer Farm Dividend

Terms & Conditions

We’re thrilled to launch the Walden Mutual Summer Farm Dividend for the summer of 2023. We hope many of you will take advantage of this promotion to enjoy locally farmed food and reinvest in your local business ecosystem. The promotion will start on June 21, 2023, so please take a moment to read the eligibility requirements below: 

What is the Summer Farm Dividend?

The Summer Farm Dividend is a Grow Local account credit of up to $100 for you to use at local farms, farmers markets, or related businesses across New England and New York. It’s a time-bound promotion (which we may – at our discretion – renew annually). 

We’re using the term “dividend” in this context because it ties back to our roots as a mutual (where a portion of profits are paid back to the community of owners), but be aware that, technically speaking, this is not a dividend; instead, it’s a time-bound promotion subject to renewal by the bank at its discretion.

Who is eligible for the Summer Farm Dividend?

Anyone with a Grow Local account in good standing with us is welcome to use the Summer Farm Dividend as long as the account is:

Each qualified partner (as identified by Social Security Number or Tax ID Number) is eligible for a single Summer Farm Dividend regardless of the number of accounts they may have open. Jointly-held accounts owned by two separate partners are eligible for a single Summer Farm Dividend, to be used jointly by the account holders. Accounts for individuals (i.e. Grow Local accounts and Local Impact CDs) are the only eligible account type (i.e. Grow Local Business accounts and loans are ineligible).

When does the Summer Farm Dividend begin?

On June 21, 2023 we will review all of our active Grow Local accounts to see who is eligible. If you qualify (based on the criteria laid out above), we’ll send a notification to the email on your account within the following 14 days. Starting from June 21, 2023 you will have until September 21, 2023 to take part.

How do you use the Summer Farm Dividend?

There are two steps:

What businesses are eligible?

Farms and farmers market, and “related businesses”. Related businesses are local businesses that resell goods you might otherwise buy from a farm or farmers markets. This could be your neighborhood co-op, a local general store that sells small-batch food goods, or an online marketplace that delivers pasture-raised meat products from farms within your region.

If your preferred business is outside of New England and New York, but is local to you, no problem! We're happy to support business everywhere that align with our mission.

If you have a question about a local business you love, send us a note! We’re happy to help.  

Other Legal Notes

Failure by any eligible participant to satisfy any of the requirements laid out above within the promotion terms will result in ineligibility.

We also reserve the right to exclude any participant from the promotion for any reason, including suspected fraud, misuse, or if suspicious activities are observed. The bank also reserves the right to stop or make changes to the promotion at any time.