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Frequently Asked Questions


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What are your hours of operation?

We can be reached by phone at (603) 227-6801 from 8AM-4PM (EST) Monday through Friday (except federal holidays). We also check the partners@waldenmutual.com emails throughout the day and periodically after hours. Since we don’t support cash transactions, and our online/mobile experience is built for self-servicing, our office isn’t open for walk-in business. But we're available for in-person appointments as needed at our 66 N. Main St. in Concord, NH location - and would love to see you and help however we can! Just call (603) 227-6801 or email hello@waldenmutual.com to schedule.

I can't get into online banking or mobile app with my username and password.

Argh! Sorry about that! If it’s your first time logging in, it may be that your temporary password has expired. Just click the "Forgot Password" link at the login window (https://my.waldenmutual.com). You can also retrieve your username on the same page by clicking "Forgot Username". If you are still having issues, give us a call (603) 227-6801.

how do i add money to my grow local account?

In online banking, you can go to Money Movement >Transfers >Add Account and click the Add Account button. Then, link your external account either "Instantly" or "Manually". If you select "Manually", you'll be prompted to enter the routing and account numbers for your external account - and then you'll use two small micro-deposits to confirm that the account is yours.

Once it's linked, you can transfer the funds from that external account in "Transfers".

You can also write yourself a check from another account and deposit it using the camera on our mobile device through our app (up to $10,000).

You can always mail us a check, too, if you prefer: 66 N. Main St. Concord, NH 03301. Just note your Grow Local account number in the memo field.

when will my walden debit card arrive?

Your debit card is automatically ordered when you open your Grow Local account, so it typically arrives within 10-15 business days.

i can't activate my walden debit card.

There is a dedicated number for debit card activation: 800-992-3808. When prompted, be sure to enter the phone number associated with your Grow Local account to verify yourself. If you’re not sure, the phone number associated with your account is viewable in online banking Tools > Settings > Contact. If you have a joint account, be sure to enter the cardholder’s SSN (whether that's the primary or secondary accountholder's). After you enter all the required information, you can set a PIN.

If you enter anything incorrectly, you will be transferred over to a person to verify your identity. Once verified, you will need to call the 800 number above again to set your PIN. If you have tried and failed three times, you will be locked out. If that happens, call us (603) 227-6801 and let us know so we can unlock you and figure out what’s causing the problem.

I think i lost my debit card.

It happens! Just call 800-472-3272 (anytime day or night) to report your card missing or stolen. Please also call us at (603) 227-6801 (or send us a message through the Message Center within online banking) so we can order you a replacement card. If there are any unrecognized transactions, they can be disputed within online banking/mobile app or over the phone.

my debit card is being declined and i'm not sure why.

If you have enough funds in your Grow Local account, it's possible that your attempted transaction exceeds one of our card limits - which are in place to mitigate the risk of fraud. Over a 24 hour period, these are the limits:  
- $510 ATM withdrawals
- $2500 point-of-sale purchases
- 20 point-of-sale transactions
- 3 PIN attempts  

If none of these seem to be the culprit, please call us on (603) 227-6801 so we can investigate further.

how do i open a local impact cd?

To open a Local Impact CD, fill out the online request. We'll be in touch with you via the Message Center within online banking to confirm your request on the next business day. There's a $1,000 minimum to open a CD, and they're funded through a transfer from your Grow Local account. Keep an eye out for an email alerting you that you have a message from us in the Message Center!

can i order checks?

Definitely! Sets of 80 branded Walden Mutual checks are available for order upon request. Just call us at (603) 227-6801 during our business hours, or message us through the Message Center in online banking. There is a cost associated with ordering, but we'll confirm the fee with you before we place the order.

i applied for a grow local account. when will i hear back about my application?

We review applications daily, and so you should hear back by the next business day. If you have not heard back and it has been more than two business days, we could have run into issues verifying your information; in this case, we will request more documentation. Feel free to email us if you would like a status update: partners@waldenmutual.com.

do you have a savings account?

Our Grow Local account is designed to combine the best of both worlds - offering the functionality of a checking account (ex. a debit card and mobile check deposit), but the interest yield of a savings account. If you're looking for higher rates of return on deposits you don't need access to in the short-term, take a look at our Local Impact CDs.

my other bank or service provider doesn't recognize walden's routing number.

Our routing number is 011402121 and has been valid since 2022. Unfortunately, some institutions and service providers update their lists of valid routing numbers infrequently - and therefore don't recognize ours. If your other bank or service provider hasn't updated their systems and prevents you from linking your Walden account, we'd recommend contacting them to request they add our routing number. They may ask for verification, in which case we'd be happy to provide a letter on our letterhead with our routing number and your account information. Let us know how we can help!

what's the summer farm dividend?

This Summer, we are encouraging you to support local food businesses by reimbursing up to $100 for purchases made with your Walden Mutual debit card at eligible merchants. If your Grow Local account had a balance of $5,000+ on June 21st, you should have received an email with a short survey asking where you intend to spend your $100 Summer Farm Dividend. Reply to that survey by the deadline, and then you have until September 21st to do exactly that – buy stuff from that local food business(es)! At the end of September, we will check and see if you shopped at the businesses you designated in the survey, and, if so, deposit up to $100 right into your Grow Local account.

Need to change the business you chose for some reason? Just email us at partners@waldenmutual.com. Does the local food business you love to support only take cash? Just email us at partners@waldenmutual.com.  

Read the full terms & conditions of the Summer Farm Dividend here.

Can I add someone else as a joint account holder?

You can! Send us a message via the Message Center or call us at (603) 227-6801 and we'll collect the information for your secondary account holder and complete their set-up in the system.

Can I open another grow local account for budgeting purposes?

You can! Send us a message via the Message Center or call us at (603) 227-6801 and we can add additional accounts that allow you to sub-divide your balance. Subsequent Grow Local accounts can optionally receive plastic versions of our debit card.

Can my child open a grow local account?

They can! For children under the age of 18, they must have a secondary applicant who's not a minor. Applications can be submitted through waldenmutual.com.