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Local Impact Business Cds

Long-Term Impact

Earn higher returns on your savings while driving tangible impact in our local food and agriculture ecosystem.

Your Money Driving Change

Our certificates of deposits (CDs) are available across a range of maturities, and pay competitive rates while supporting a renaissance in our regional food ecosystem.

Term APY*
3 Month 3.05%
6 Month 4.40%
1 Year 4.25%
2 Year 3.75%
3 Year 3.5%
5 Year 3.25%
10 Year 3.75%
100 Year 4.75%
* Annual percentage yield
Local Impact CD rates current as of June 13th, 2024. Interest is compounded daily, posted monthly. Subject to change without notice. $1,000 minimum to open. Penalties may apply for early withdrawals.

Need new or used equipment to jumpstart your business? Searching for a working capital line to smooth operations? Something else? We’re ready to talk.

Competitive Interest Without Hidden Fees

Social and environmental responsibility can also be good for your wallet.
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Higher returns

Our Local Impact Business CDs earn competitive returns across a range of maturities. It's enough to Grow Your Change.
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No Surprise Fees

No start-up fees, no monthly fees, and easy-to-understand early withdrawal terms.1 Straightforward and simple.
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Safe & sound

FDIC insurance on all balances up to $250,0002, industry-grade data encryption, multi-factor authentication - and all the other security features you expect from anyone handling your hard-earned savings.

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A Better Bank

A Sustainable Online Bank with a Purpose

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Finally feel good about where your money sleeps at night. As a Pending B Corp and cooperatively governed mutual, our mission is our single reason for being.

1. Account charges are listed here.
2. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Insurance coverage limited to $250,000. Additional insurance coverage available upon request.