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We're a new kind of lender designed to be a better partner to businesses and organizations just like yours. Whether it's a commercial mortgage, equipment financing, or refinancing, we're here for you.

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Whether it's capital for for a new production facility, equipment financing, working capital or refinancing existing debt, we've got loan products designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of our region's innovators.

We lend to farms, food businesses, non-profits, other businesses working towards a more sustainable future - and everything in between.

Whether it's capital for land acquisition, equipment financing, working capital or refinancing existing debt, we've got loan products designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of our region's producers.

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Connect with the Leaders of Our Region’s Sustainability Movement

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Bob Burke

Bob is the founder and operator of Natural Products Consulting, and the co-author of the Natural Products Field Manual. He previously spent 11 years as Vice President of Sales and Corporate Development at Stonyfield Farm, and is currently an outside director at EcoFish, Saffron Road, Uncle Matt's Organic, Cali’Flour Foods, and King Arthur Baking (where he serves as Board Chair).

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Growth marketing
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Levon Kurkjian

Levon is a Brand Strategy Director at Opus Design. He previously held executive roles at Kettle Cuisine, Signature Breads, and the Modern Pod Company. Passionate about helping organizations do well, while also doing good.

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Brand Strategy
Food Retail
A black and white photo of board member Anthony Poore, a man in a collared shirt and jacket, smiling and wearing glasses, shown from the front from the shoulders up.

Board Member

Anthony Poore

Anthony is a consultant, academic, and executive with extensive experience at the intersection of the public and private sectors. He's overseen community outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, been Executive Director at New Hampshire Humanities, and served on the board of institutions like the NH Housing Finance Authority, Currier Museum of Art, and the NH Community Loan Fund. In 2022, he opened the NH Center for Justice & Equity as its founding President & CEO.

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Economic Development
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Tim Joseph

Tim founded Maple Hill Creamery in 2009. Maple Hill works with 140 dairy farms in Upstate NY and their products are distributed nationally through many major retailers. Tim continues to be active at Maple Hill, but also works with other companies and organizations promoting regenerative agriculture.

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regenerative organic

Not One-Size-Fits-All

Loans Designed for You

Our loans are specially tailored to fit the needs of each individual borrower.

Need a repayment schedule that fits the seasonal cycles of your business? Working towards a new sustainability certification? Overhauling your operations? We have individualized solutions for each situation.



Producer and distributor of slow fermented sourdough breads, fresh pastas, and artisan pastas

“Partnering with Walden Mutual was an obvious decision. We both share the same values for promoting healthy nutrition and supporting artisanal and sustainable food production. They were able to quickly grasp our unique needs as a modern food company, understand our business model and provided us with the necessary funding to expand and scale. ”

- Ismail Salhi, Co-Founder

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co-marketing opportunities

Access to a Motivated Values-Aligned Community

Walden Mutual depositors, like you, care deeply about our region’s local food movement. And they’ve already demonstrated their commitment to putting their money where their mouth is through their deposits.

Our borrowers instantly become participants in our shared conversation about sustainability. Co-marketing (including access to our newsletter, events, product placements, etc.) are core to our wraparound support.

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Sustainable Banking

A Lender with a Purpose

As a Certified B Corp and cooperatively governed mutual, our mission is our single reason for being.

We utilize a proprietary impact evaluation - the Walden Impact Assessment - to facilitate conversations about social and environmental responsibility with our borrowers.

And after loans are funded and closed, we're committed to providing the resources borrowers need to make progress on their impact journey - including covering the first $500 of fees associated with pursuing a sustainability-related certification.1

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Loans Designed for You

Loans that are specially tailored to fit the needs of each individual borrower.

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Better, Not More Expensive

Competitive interest rates that allow your values and budget to co-exist.

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Easy-to-Use Digital Tools

Modern mobile and online banking and borrowing tools.

All loans are issued by Walden Mutual Bank, member FDIC. Loan eligibility is not guaranteed. All loans are subject to credit review and approval. Interest rates are subject to change.

1. Terms & conditions apply. See full detail here.